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This is Ari. On this informal page of the combimouse website, I am going to give you a regular update on progress. I suppose I should use Twitter.

17 September 2021
The mass of the right unit is now 100.5 grams without the battery. So as a mouse it is very light and works well. Problem was that it now moved slightly while typing during keyboard mode. This took me a couple of weeks to fix and today I did it - I am going to patent this solution. This is a big milestone because all design problems have been resolved. Now, we just need to raise funding to tool up and manufacture. If you are interested in getting involved check out the subscribe page.

27 July 2021
Mass of Right Unit is now 98.6grams! It's still not working because my compiler isn't working and so I can't debug it.

24 July 2021
I have got the mass of the right unit down to 102 grams. My aim is under 100 grams but I don't think I will be able to do it. The mouse sensor on the new PCB doesn't work but it should be trivial to fix because the design hasn't changed. Once I have it working, I will be showing to people for the first time. I can't test it because it isn't currently working but I am extremely confident that there will be a lot of interest. As I have said before, up until now I haven't shown it around because it was sort of okay, but now it is different. (BTW, I have upgraded my Mac to Lion and it is fantastic!)

20 July 2021
I have got the 0.5mm PCB back and populated it. Total mass of the RHU without battery is 107grams which is incredible. I am having a problem with the proximity sensor - it seems that the sensitivy is diffierent - need to get to the bottom of this. I have fired up the development tool after all these years and it isn't working which is frustrating.



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