Combination Keyboard and Mouse
US patent #5,936,555

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Combimouse


  1. Instant and effortless transition between keyboard and mouse modes. Requires no mental effort and there is no hesitation by the user in moving to the mouse.
  2. Eliminates need to reach for mouse on the right side of keyboard. This is the only real ergonomic problem of conventional mice, which results in shoulder injuries. This problem is widely documented and recognised. See for example Eriksen.
  3. Minimises prime desk space usage
  4. Units small enough to be pushed aside while not in use.
  5. Units can be placed to the right and left leaving a clearing in front of the user to place books etc. This will require a RF link as the current implementation of an infra red link would be obstructed.
  6. Multi button mouse. Convenient for gaming, CAD and most other programs.


  1. Some key positions moved. This is not too serious as the relocated keys are not the main typing keys.
  2. No separate numeric keypad and navigation keys. A separate keypad unit could be sold as an option. It should be noted that all these ancillary keys have been incorporated in the Combimouse in convenient positions.


We have constructed a working prototype. Several people have used and evaluated the prototype including a typing teacher. It is clear that the system is convenient and exciting to use. 

Other Systems

Other integrated keyboard and pointing systems do not match the performance of the ubiquitous mouse. The pointing stick is prone to muscle tremor and other problems ( see web link to Mithal/Douglas), while the touchpad is inaccurate. Invariably people prefer using a mouse when working on notebook computers.

Speed Comparison

We have written a program to assist in comparing the speed performance of two mice. For the test shown in Figure 1 the times recorded in the left list were for the combination keyboard/mouse.

Figure 1: Screen Capture of Speed Comparison Program

The values in the right list were for a Microsoft Intellimouse with Intellieye. To download the program click here (26KB).