project plan




Completion date



Proof of concept


 April 2016

This prototype was used to prove the Combimouse concept. A number of people successfully tested the Combimouse. They found that typing and using the mouse worked well. The tests were less than an hour. Testing was done to ensure that the right Combimouse was not too top heavy during mouse mode. This version also included the technology to prevent the Right Combimouse from moving during typing while ensuring that it was mobile during mouse mode.

This version did not take into account such things as product quality, selling price, manufacturability, encryption of keyboard key presses, battery life, component obsolescence and other important considerations.

An estimate quote has been received to complete the Design For Manufacture by a third party design company. Due to the various uncertainties listed in the previous paragraph the quote was conservative and high.


Internal Design For Manufactur(DFM)


February 2017 

As discussed above the Proof of Concept version was not suitable for production and had other design issues. Product design is risky and cost overuns are common. To overcome this uncertainty the Internal Design For Manufacture phase was completed.

This phase of the project addressed all the issues  mentioned previously. However it was done internally. We do not have expertise in mechanical design, especially plastic injection moulding and so this phase of the project was called the internal DFM phase. We did consult with experts and did research to ensure that it was consistent with mass production, however detailed design must still be done.

As a rough estimate the firmware (i.e. software) is now 90% complete. The mechanical design is about 70% complete. The electronics design is about 90% complete


Find investor/s who will cover startup costs.


We are now looking for investors to help fund the commercialisation of the Combimouse. A business plan has been created. 


Design For Manufacture(DFM) phase


During this phase we will sub-contract the mechanical design to a suitable third party company who have manufacturing partners in China. The electronics will be finalised and will be checked by a third party. Extensive user testing will be done. Regulatory electronics emmissions testing will be done. Quotes will be obtained to tool up for production. Any other tasks necessary tasks will be completed.


Run Kickstarter campaign



This will cover the component and manufacturing costs for the first production run.


First production run







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