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Indiegogo crowdsourcing campaign launched!


Here is the link to our campaign.


We are excited to announce that we have launched our Indiegogo Crowdsourcing campaign!

Kickstarter is not available to Australian companies and so we are launching on Indiegogo.

For the campaign to succeed we obviously would like to raise the target. However Indiegogo will promote our campaign if they also see many small contributions. So even a $5 contribution goes a long way.

There are a limited number of EARLY BIRD Perks. If you claim one of these you will be getting a Combimouse at a big discount which will be much lower than the Retail price. So BE QUICK.

If you claim other perks you will also get a discount on the retail price when Combimouse goes on sale. You will also be first in line to purchase a Combimouse.

So please help and let others know about the campaign.

We would like to show our appreciation for the contributors to our Indiegogo campaign by adding your name below. You are helping us make the Combimouse a reality.

Your name has been automatically added to the list because of the Perk you claimed and you permitted us to list your name. If you prefer not to have you name listed please let us know using the e-mail on the Contact page. We will send you a confirmation when we have removed your name.


David Bell

Zeke Blackwell

Derrick Brundage

Christopher Clark

Ariel Goodson

Hörður Smári Jóhannesson

Petr Koveshnikov

Ilnur Khuziev

Evan McLean

Andrey Vladimirovich Mikhaylov

Robert Olson

Paul Read

Tim Santeford

Alexey Skvortsov

Denis Usalev




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