Confidential Prototype Work

We have shown a lot of detail on the Combimouse website. There is a possibility that someone is copying the Combimouse and so we would like to keep as much design detail confidential.

I have spent 2013 and 2014 updating the prototype so that the Combimouse is ready for production. From about August 2014 I started sharing on Twitter what I am doing from day to day. I would very much like to talk about everything but we feel that we need to keep as much as possible confidential for now.

So you will notice that I don’t discuss details and show photos of the underside of the right Combimouse. I also don’t show details of the Printed Circuit board.

For the left Combimouse this isn’t an issue as it is a basic keyboard. I should start working on it by October 2014 and I will post numerous details and photos.

This is the reason why I am vague on many of my Tweets.


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