The Combimouse Story

It was a Friday night after a long day at work. I’m tired - there’s got to be a better way - I would like to use the keyboard and then just use the mouse. I took my angle grinder out and cut my keyboard in two…..

My name is Ari Zagnoev. I am the inventor of the Combimouse and CEO of Combimouse Pty Ltd.

I worked on the Combimouse as a hobby from 1999 to 2012.

January 1999
Combimouse invented.

2003 - Evaluated by Wichita State University
Click here to view the report.

September 2003 - Winner- Australian ITSecrets competition
The Combimouse was selected as a winner in the Australian IT Secrets competition. The award was presented to Combimouse CEO Ari Zagnoev by the Australian Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, Senator Richard Alston.

Click on the certificate to enlarge.

Click on the photo to see me receiving the award from the minister.


Roger Larcombe, Simon Herron and Susan Merli invest in Combimouse

Mid 2012

I started working full time on the Combimouse

Early 2013 - Design problems overcome

Technology is only now available to make the Combimouse feasible – including thin wall plastics, plastic mould flow analysis software, light weight notebook keyboard technology and ultra low power electronics.

Overcoming design problems has taken time. Especially making it light and mobile as a mouse AND immobile as a keyboard and at the same time making it manufacturable. For details please read the blog Combimouse Design Evolution. The solution of making it immobile as a keyboard was only conceived in early 2013 and has been patented.

April 2013

Funds raised on Indiegogo.

August 2013

Prototype works well and Combimouse can be used fulltime as a replacement for standard keyboard and mouse.




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