Gaming on the Combimouse

I am not a computer gamer and so I would be happy for you to comment and make suggestions.

I have had a number of conversations and done some research and this is where I see things.

Having a multi-button mouse for gaming I would think is useful.

Apparently MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games would be conveniently played on the Combimouse as the player needs to often quickly type out messages.

The Combimouse uses the scissors mechanism for the keys. This is the same technology used on a lot of computers including all notebook computers and Apple keyboards. This results in a very light keyboard

Apparently this is not the best technology for hard core gamers who prefer mechanical keys. According to this article:

“Most gaming keyboards use mechanical switches, which pair each key to its own spring loaded switch. They are designed to provide superior audio and tactile feedback.”

It is not possible to use mechanical keys on the Combimouse because they are too heavy. Weight of the right part Combimouse is critical and mechanical keys simply can’t be used. In addition a Printed Circuit Board would be required, which would also add mass.

One thought on “Gaming on the Combimouse

  1. Hugo Afani

    I can’t wait to have it, I have an injurie that doesn’t allow me to use a regular keyboard. Please let me know when and where will I be able to buy it.
    Thank you

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