Combimouse key layout and variations to support international options

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Here is the current layout of the Combimouse.

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Note that some key positions had to be changed: Cursor keys, Delete, F1 to F12, back slash and forward slash.

There are four blank keys (user 1, user 2, user 3 and user 4) which will be user configurable.

The Mac control, option and command keys will be supported. We still need to confirm that the Combimouse can auto-detect that it is connected to a Mac.

There is a scroll wheel to the right of the M key.

All keys on the Combimouse will be user configurable via a user configurable utility. So we are expecting that we will be able to support many different keyboard layouts.

It may be a problem putting labels on the keys because the mass of the right part is critical and even adding labels adds significantly.

Initially we will sell the standard US QWERTY version as shown above. We will then look into other versions.

One of the problems with many of the other keyboard layouts is the position of the Enter key.

As an example, the UK keyboard is superimposed over the Combimouse right part in the picture below. As you can see, the Enter would be located off the Combimouse. If the Combimouse part were to be made bigger to include the Enter key it would be too big.

“Hoggy” in the comments section has said that “I’m in the UK and I prefer the US layout for the better access to the enter key – I use it far more often than the hash”.

As a comparison here is drawing of the Combimouse superimposed over the US keyboard. As you can see the Enter key is located on the Combimouse.

3 thoughts on “Combimouse key layout and variations to support international options

  1. Alain

    For the international versions, you might consider using interchangeable, swappable keys. So you have a standard US version and one or a few international kits, a bit more expensive, with an US standard keyboard AND a separated set of printed keys with a little tool to swap the keys as needed. Add a few preconfigured international layouts in the software and you’re all set.

    Just a thought.

  2. Hoggy

    I’m in the UK and I prefer the US layout for the better access to the enter key - I use it far more often than the hash.

    Ari, what about the left side? The US layout has a larger left shift and the UK layout has the backslash there. There are issues with using a US layout keyboard (physical keys) and a UK layout (mapped in software) - you lose the backslash (it’s printed on the key above the enter, but the UK mapping with give you a hash instead).

    1. admin Post author

      After reading your comment I have updated the blog to include how I see the Combimouse layout for the standard configuration. I’ve also included part of your comment. However I don’t fully understand your last question. Before you respond please reread the blog to see if I have addressed your issue.

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