Should we make a Left Handed version Combimouse?

Here is a concept of what a Left Handed version could look like.

This is just a quick sketch and isn’t a definitive solution. It is presented for discussion purposes only. For example a left handed version wouldn’t have the right part being mobile with the big palm/grip rest.

What do you think?

Consider the following:

15% of people are left handed.

50% of left handed people use a mouse in a right handed way.

If we did a special left handed version, the Function keys could be located at the top of the right unit which would be stationary.

It is very expensive to make a special shape. Ideally one design can satisfy the majority of users.

We would like to build an optimized left handed version but at his stage it is not economically viable for us.

2 thoughts on “Should we make a Left Handed version Combimouse?

  1. James

    Thanks for the follow-ups. While I’m working as desktop support part of my job I use the mouse right handed as that what the user has when I come up to it. For precision, like while gaming or needing to click in specific spots I need to use my left hand. I like the thought of the left hand. It would be very interesting to have one design that could go either way (left /right handed) so that cost could be reduced for production. I appreciate your quick reply and understand we make such a small percentage of users that it makes it very difficult.

    1. admin Post author

      James, some time ago I had decided that a left handed version wouldn’t be an option. But I now think that if there is a large enough demand then we will do it. We first need to launch the right handed version - and then we will look into a left handed version.

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