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Investment required

The blogs Combimouse Funding and Combimouse Project Plan discusses the project plan and how funds will be raised from a combination of investment and crowdsourced funding.

Indiegogo Campaigns

In 2013 we ran fundraising campaigns on Indiegogo. Funds were used to support ongoing development costs. In appreciation the contributors will receive the first Combimouse off the production line. Their names are listed below.

First Round Indiegogo Contributors


David Bell

Zeke Blackwell

Aleksejs Borisjuks

Derrick Brundage

Guillermo Cabrera

Christopher Clark

Rodger Evans

Ariel Goodson

Shane Gross

Brian Harrison

Julia Hochrainer

Heather Hume

Mohammed Hussain

Horour Smari Johannesson

Paul Koerber

Chan Wei Khjan

Ole Konstad

Kristian Kouva

Petr Koveshnikov

Ilnur Khuziev

Francois Maheux

Evan McLean

Andrey Vladimirovich Mikhaylov

Neeraj Modi

Nicholas Morsillo

Robert Olson

Paul Read

Tim Santeford

Klaus Schloegl

Dan Smith

Alexey Skvortsov

Mateusz Tarnaski

Denis Usalev

Varun Viswanath

Danilo Vukotic

Michael Waterman


Second Round Indiegogo Contributors


Rita Bylsma

Cianar Cabos

Arran Cudbard-Bell

Richard Frick

Alain Jean-Mairet 

Andrew Morris

Vinzenz Raquet

Christoph Zimmermann


Third Round Indiegogo Contributors


Markus Grabenhofer

Apolon Ivankovic





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