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advantages and disadvantages


  • The Combimouse provides instant and effortless transition between keyboard and mouse operation. We are confident that this advantage far outweighs the disadvantages listed below.
  • The right part features an integrated numeric keypad, making the Combimouse perfect for data entry and navigating spreadsheets.
  • Features a multi button mouse which is convenient for gaming, CAD and most other programs. It is the best system for First Shooter Gamers.
  • We have received many e-mails from people with various disabilities explaining how the Combimouse would help them cope with their disabilities.
  • A regular desktop layout has the mouse situated far to the right of the keyboard which can cause the debilitating problem sometimes called Mouse Shoulder. You can read about this problem here. Combimouse overcomes this and other ergonomic problems.
  • Minimises prime desk space usage. Left and right parts are small enough to be easily pushed aside while not in use. The parts can be placed to the right and left of center, leaving a clearing in the middle for books or other items.
  • The Combimouse right part can be used with a notebook to provide keyboard, mouse and numeric keypad functionality.


  • Users must use the mouse with the right hand.
  • Users must be touch typists.
  • The position of the Enter key on the US keyboard (and Australian, South African, Thai and some other countries) is different to the keyboard on all other countries. The US Enter key is conveniently located to suit the Combimouse design. However, it is not possible to implement the Enter key for all other countries because the Enter key would be positioned off the current Right Hand Combimouse part. To read more about this see this blog.
  • The price is similar to high end wireless keyboards and mice. We are aiming for US$100 to US$150.
  • Palm grip during mouse mode doesn't fill the palm of the user (same as the Apple Magic Mouse).
  • The right part is light and not as strong as normal mice. It is probably more susceptible to breakage than normal mice when dropped onto a hard surface from table top height.
  • As with Notebook computer keyboards the numeric keypad keys are not present and are embedded in the main keyboard.
  • The following keys have been moved: Question mark, Cursor keys, F1 to F12 keys, Back slash and Forward slash keys.
  • Home, End, Page Up and Page Down keys have been moved and need to have the Fn key pressed simultaneously.
  • Backspace and Delete keys moved (they are now in very convenienet positions especially during mouse mode).
  • There are no right Alt and Ctrl keys. The right Shift key is reduced in size.



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